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Find answers to 'Frequently Asked Questions' about tree care and maintenance from our highly experienced team.

Need something answered?

How much will it cost to have my trees pruned or removed?

All trees are different, and are located in different environments. Because there are so many variables, we are unable to give you an estimate without first assessing your trees. Our quotes are always no obligation and free of charge, so give our office a call today to arrange a time that suits you.

How much does it cost to get a quote?

A simple written quote and/or verbal advice from ACT Tree Felling is free of charge.

We do also offer detailed reports, which are chargeable, however this will be based on variables such as the number of trees being assessed or how much time is involved in compiling the report.

A branch fell off my tree - do I need to have the tree removed?

Falling branches are a risk homeowners often worry about, especially during storms and high winds. The risk of this happening can be reduced by proper maintenance of your trees. If you have had a branch fail, tree fall or are concerned about the safety of trees around your home, one of our Arborists can meet with you to advise you of the best and safest action.

Will I need to get approval from the Government to have my tree cut down or pruned?

The ACT Government has regulations around the removal and pruning of significant trees in the Canberra region. ACT Tree Felling can advise you if your tree is bound by these regulations, and even apply on your behalf to the Tree Protection Unit should it be required.

For more information visit:

I got a letter from ActewAGL requiring me to clear my power lines, what do I do now?

If you are a property owner in Canberra, it is your responsibility to keep your trees away from power lines. This means a clearance of 1m from service lines and power poles, 1.5m from low voltage, and 2m from high voltage power lines. If you have received a notice to clear your power lines, you will need to contact an ActewAGL-accredited tree surgeon to carry out the necessary work. Our team at ACT Tree Felling are accredited to the highest level and we are extremely experienced with clearing power lines, so get in contact with us today for a free quote.

What is an ActewAGL-accredited tree surgeon?

ACT Tree Felling are ActewAGL-accredited tree surgeons. This means we are authorised and trained to work in close proximity to all types of power lines.

Working near power lines can be a dangerous activity so you should only use an experienced and accredited tree services company to ensure your job is done right.

For more information on your requirements for keeping vegetation away from powerlines visit ActewAGL.

Will you need to turn the power off to have my trees cleared from the power lines?

Our staff are trained to work around live power lines, so most of the time you won’t need to have the power turned off. In cases where a power outage is required, we will arrange the whole process for you in co-operation with ActewAGL.

I want to heavily reduce the size of my tree or 'lop' the top off. Is this possible?

'Major pruning' or 'lopping' requires Government approval and in most cases is not recommended due to the subsequent damage it causes to the tree afterwards.

The misconception with lopping is that it will control and reduce the height and spread of a tree, but it actually has the opposite effect. The resulting new sprouts are far more numerous than normal new growth and grow so rapidly that the tree returns to its original height in a very short time – and with a far denser crown. Lopping also makes a tree look quite disfigured and ugly, because it’s natural form and structure is lost forever.

An inspection from one of our arborists will determine what can be trimmed safely and effectively.

Why is tree surgery expensive?

Tree surgery in general can be quite costly due to many factors, however the main reasons are: the expensive machinery and equipment that is required; the exorbitant insurance prices of working in such a high-risk industry; and the extensive training and continual accreditation costs involved (i.e. Arboriculture certification, ActewAGL accreditation, first aid and numerous other workplace safety training).

ACT Tree Felling provides high quality work and we always charge a fair and competitive price for our service. It’s somewhat like eating out, you pay for what you get.

Do you use qualified tree surgeons?

All of our tree climbers are either Qualified Arborists (min. Cert. III) or are currently undertaking training within our company in conjunction with accredited arboriculture training conducted at CIT Canberra.

Do you take the tree debris and material away? And if I keep the firewood or woodchip from my trees will it cost any extra?

The standard procedure is for all material to be taken off site unless you stipulate otherwise at the time of quotation. You can retain any firewood or woodchips, which we will leave it in a suitable and agreed area on your property. You will not be charged any extra for this service; in fact we may be able to reduce the price.

Does ACT Tree Felling work on weekends?

Our general business hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm weekdays, however if your job requires completion on the weekend we can make special arrangements to suit your needs.

Do I need to be at home when the work is done?

No, on most occasions we can work without anyone needing to be home, as long as we have good access to the trees and prior arrangements have been made for any pets.

If you have very specific requests and want to be home to check that everything goes smoothly, we absolutely encourage you to stay at home and communicate with our Arborists whilst the work is being done. That way we can ensure you are happy with our service before the job is complete.

Will you use a travel tower or cherry picker to remove or prune my trees?

Only very rarely do we require the use of cherry pickers. Our tree climbers are excellent at their job (climbing trees) and are able to do a much better and safer job from within the tree.