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With over 38 years experience in the Tree Surgery Industry, ACT Tree Felling can provide all your tree removal, pruning and chipping requirements.


Tree felling

We always prefer to retain trees where possible, however when removal is required you can be assured that we can remove your trees safely and efficiently, with the area left spotlessly clean after the job is complete. Our arborists can also advise you on the expected ongoing viability of your trees, and relevant regulations or laws that apply to your tree, so you can plan ahead, and ensure that all the boxes are ticked.

You may wish to consider removing your tree if it is:

  • Dead or diseased;
  • Storm damaged;
  • In a dangerous or unstable condition; or
  • Planted in an inappropriate position given its’ current or potential growth size.

Pruning & shaping

ACT Tree Felling specialise in pruning trees, it is a service we take pride in being able to provide at the highest level.

There are many benefits to pruning a tree correctly and we always prune to the highest industry standards, complying with Australian Standard for pruning of amenity trees (AS4373), ACT Tree Protection Act 2005 and any other relevant standards.

With an understanding of tree biology and the variance of species characteristics. Correct pruning can reduce the wind resistance of your trees, lessening the chance of branch failure.

Your trees may benefit from pruning if they have:

  • Excessive end weight (the amount of foliage concentrated towards the end of branches);
  • Structural defects such as inclusions, cavities, rot or diseases;
  • Lower branches that require clearing to allow for pedestrian or mower access.

Pruning can also:

  • Allow more light to penetrate to your garden or grass;
  • Remove dead wood or diseased branches;
  • Clear branches and foliage from power lines, other structures or buildings.
  • Shape a specimen tree in your yard.
  • Remove or reduce unwanted growth.


Dead wooding is the process of selectively removing the dead, dying and diseased branches from trees. Removing the deadwood from your tree can increase the aesthetic appeal of your tree and reduce the likelihood of dead branches falling.


Removal of difficult or dangerous trees

With almost 40 years’ experience working in the tree industry in Canberra, ACT Tree Felling has developed a reputation as the best local business for removal of difficult, large and/or dangerous trees. We are the preferred providers for the Australian National Botanic Gardens, where we are often contracted to remove difficult to access, large trees in sensitive environments where no damage to other plants is acceptable.

We will organise all aspects of the project to ensure these difficult jobs are completed in the safest method possible, sometimes involving traffic management and the use of cranes.

We have strict Work Health and Safety Policies internally and comply with all relevant legislation to ensure a safe work site for all our staff, clients and members of the public.

We are fully equipped with the most advanced tree care equipment to ensure the job is completed professionally, safely and efficiently.


Power line clearing (EvoEnergy Accredited)

All home owners in the ACT are required by law to ensure their trees are clear from power and house service lines. Sometimes trees growing too close to power lines can cause blackouts, create safety hazards such as fires, and increase the risk of electrocution.

Our staff are trained and accredited to the highest level to work around live power lines, so most of the time we will not require a power outage to achieve required clearance from the powerlines. In cases where a power outage is required, we will arrange the whole process for you in cooperation with EvoEnergy.

You can rest assured that we are:

  • EvoEnergy accrediated to the highest level, to work with trees near power lines;
  • Fully trained and qualified in Vegetation Management;
  • All employees are trained and re-assessed yearly to maintain these qualifications and keep up-to-date with changes and new methods of work.

Cable and bracing

Trees are very beneficial to our environment and can add significant monetary and amenity value to our homes, places of work and communities. They may also have sentimental value for some customers, who may wish to retain their trees at all costs.

However sometimes trees with multiple trunks (co-dominant stems), can have less structural integrity than optimal and ‘failure’ at this type of branch union can occur.

Other defected unions or tree parts can have a higher than average likelihood of failure. ACT Tree Felling can inspect your trees, assess them for any structural weakness and then recommend if bracing may assist in the retention of your tree assets and what the most appropriate type of cable or bracing system for your situation. The result? You can retain the trees you love and have peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can to minimise any associated risk.

There are three major reasons for cable and bracing:

  • Prevention - to reduce the chance of failure on a healthy tree with structural weakness;
  • Restoration - to prolong the existence of a damaged tree;
  • Mitigation - to reduce the risk associated with a tree.

Stump grinding and chipping

Tree stumps can be unsightly, obtrusive and hazardous. Stump grinding is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to removing unwanted stumps from your property, to prevent re-growth and the spread of tree disease.

Stumps can become:

  • Trip hazards;
  • Nesting sites for termites;
  • Unsightly in grassed areas; and
  • Reshoot into full sized trees with significantly reduced structural integrity.

We also offer a wood chipping service where we can put all your branches/cuttings through our chipper, then either take away the mulched material or leave on-site for you to apply to your garden.


Mulch Orders

Applying mulch to your trees and garden looks great, retains soil moisture, slows down the weeds and can add nutrition to your plants and trees. Mulch is also great for trees in decline, as it aids recovery from stress, injury or disease.

ACT Tree Felling can supply quality mulch at a fantastically cheap rate, to locations throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan so please give us a call and we can get you onto our popular waiting list.


Tree reports and consultation

If you are worried about your tree’s structural integrity, health, condition, life expectancy, falling or overhanging limbs or something else that just doesn’t look quite right, a detailed tree inspection via consultation with one of our Consulting Arborists will help ease your mind.

Our consultation will identify key issues or concerns in relation to your tree, giving you verbal advice in an easy-to-understand manner.

Need something in writing?

We can provide either brief field notes to outline the basic details of your tree/s and situation or alternatively a full tree report formatted and referenced to be utilised for engagement with third parties (such as ACAT, Tree Protection Unit, ACTPLA or Body Corporate Committees).

The consultant will be a member of Arboriculture Australia and bound by the Code of Ethics of the Association.

These qualifications ensure that our team of consultants will be able provide clear and concise advice in the following areas:

  • Tree health and condition, including methods and practices to improve these.
  • Pest and Disease identification and methods of control.
  • Tree law/legislation and development law and regulation within the local ACT area.
  • Risk of Harms from trees in general in Australia and specific Risk Assessment using QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment) and/or TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification).
  • Pruning, pruning plans, advice on planting, removals or ongoing management of sites (considering Australian Standards for pruning and Industry best practice techniques).
  • Tree Management Plans as required by ACT Tree Protection Act 2005 for developing/building on sites with regulated trees.

If you are planning tree removal or tree pruning that requires council approval, we can prepare and submit the application on your behalf, and if necessary, provide supporting documentation and a tree report to go along with the application.