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Cable and Bracing


Trees are very beneficial to our environment and can add significant monetary and amenity value to our homes, places of work and communities. They may also have sentimental value for some customers, who may wish to retain their trees at all costs.

However sometimes trees with multiple trunks (co-dominant stems), can have less structural integrity than optimal and ‘failure’ at this type of branch union can occur.

Other defected unions or tree parts can have a higher than average likelihood of failure.

ACT Tree Felling can inspect your trees, assess them for any structural weakness and then recommend if bracing may assist in the retention of your tree assets and what the most appropriate type of cable or bracing system for your situation. The result? You can retain the trees you love and have peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can to minimise any associated risk.

We offer two main types of bracing for different situations:

  • Dynamic Cabling is essentially a synthetic cable slung between branches or trunks with a small amount of slack. This allows the trees parts to move naturally in the weather as trees are designed to do (therefore not creating a shear point) but does not allow the branches to move outwards to the point of failure. In the unlikely event of failure, the cable then acts as a catch mechanism for the failed part.
  • Rigid Steel Cable and Bracing offers more of a holding capability than dynamic and is often used in situations where a tree may have already failed and needs to be winched back together then held in place.

There are three major reasons for cable and bracing:

  • Prevention - to reduce the chance of failure on a healthy tree with structural weakness;
  • Restoration - to prolong the existence of a damaged tree;
  • Mitigation - to reduce the risk associated with a tree.

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