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Tree Reports and Consultation


Disease Identification and Treatment

Is there something wrong with your tree, does it not look like it usually does (less flowers, holes in the leaves, fungus)? Our expert Arborist can come to you and inspect, diagnose and if necessary, treat your trees.

There are a huge range of pests and diseases that affect trees, some are easily identifiable by homeowners, others need expert investigation.

When you notice something, it is often better to act with early intervention, it may be as simple as drought stress which if caught early enough is a relatively easy fix or it may be more complex.

Our goal is to arm you with some knowledge to understand your trees and the issues that they face. Often being an urban tree is a hard life and we need to give them some extra care to maintain them long term.

Treatment can be a simple as mulch and water or much more complex requiring spraying or injecting, rest assured we will present you with options so you can make an informed decision before moving forward.

Our expert consulting Arborist are well experienced identifying and development pest or disease management programs. They are qualified to a Diploma in Arboriculture level (AQF5), so you know you’re getting the best advice available.

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