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Employment Opportunities

A.C.T Tree Felling is Canberra's longest running tree services business, established by Paddy Hanson in 1975.

Would you like to work for ACT Tree Felling?

Are you interested in working for a company that takes professional standards in arboriculture very seriously and greatly values and rewards those with a highly professional approach to the arboriculture industry?

Our team dynamic and ethics are of the highest concern, we depend on our crew’s ability to work together cohesively and safely.

If you are skilled in any areas of arboriculture or tree services, are qualified, experienced and motivated to do well and work professionally, plus enjoy working on challenging projects with likeminded professionals, then ACT Tree Felling would be interested in talking to you.

At ACT Tree Felling we don't just offer the right candidates a job – we offer you a career with huge opportunities for advancement in learning, skills, activities and of course, salary.

You may be from overseas looking for a move to Australia's sunny landscape and brighter economic future – either temporarily or wish to gain a permanent visa. We can sponsor skilled arboricultural working tourists or those seeking longer-term residency. You will need recognised arboricultural qualifications and to be experienced.

Employment Opportunities

If you would like to apply please email us at and attach your resume and/or cover letter.

An ACT Tree Felling representative will contact you to discuss current employment opportunities.