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Tree Reports and Consultation


Tree Management Plans (Development Sites)

If you are planning to build, excavate or develop in the vicinity of trees that are deemed regulated by ACT Tree Protection Act 2005. (Over 12m in height, over 12m canopy spread or more than 1.5m in circumference at 1m above natural ground level) or any tree on neighbouring property then you need to comply with AS 4970 (Australian Standard for Protection of trees on development sites).

This requires firstly a Preliminary Tree Assessment to assist in assessing which trees require protection or removal and then a Tree MAnagement Plan (TMP) to sufficiently protect the tree/s and their root plates during construction and ensure you have a viable specimen at the project completion.

It is important to note that whilst we compile comprehensive reports with Tree Management Plans to assist with your development plan. It is the Tree Protection Unit that will decide on which works will be approved, meaning that sometimes there needs to be compromises made to achieve a feasible result.

The first stage in this process is an onsite consultation with our Arborist to establish your needs and a plan to address those needs.

We can provide these reports to suit a wide range of clients and needs and although the TMP is best developed early on in the process we have experience if remedial plans if required.

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