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Tree Reports and Consultation


Health and Condition Consultation

If you are worried about your tree’s structural integrity, health, condition, life expectancy, falling or overhanging limbs or something else that just doesn’t look quite right, a detailed tree inspection via consultation with one of our Consulting Arborists will help ease your mind. Our consultation will identify key issues or concerns in relation to your tree, giving you verbal advice in an easy-to-understand manner.

Our goal is to provide objective and impartial information regarding your tree and tree issues. We charge for this advice in part to cover costs of ongoing education for our consulting arborists to ensure you are getting the most update information available.

If the trees condition indicates that an aerial inspection would be beneficial then we have climbing consulting Arborist that can climb and inspect your tree and give you a full report on the findings.

Need something in writing?
We can provide either brief field notes to outline the basic details of your tree/s and situation or alternatively a full tree report formatted and referenced to be utilised for engagement with third parties (such as ACAT, Tree Protection Unit, ACTPLA or Body Corporate Committees).

The consultant will be a member of Arboriculture Australia and bound by the Code of Ethics of the Association.

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